The pharmaceutical industry: a relationship at a crossroads

The story of the global pharmaceutical sector’s reputation is one of a close yet stormy relationship between companies and society.

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2 de noviembre 2020

Pharmaceutical companies have always played a key role in the advancement of health and living conditions, but have also amassed great riches in the process, increasingly drawing the ire of governments and people worldwide.

Where is this relationship heading next?

In this study conducted by Caliber in late 2019 and early 2020, our aim has been to find out the facts and peek into the future. We wanted to get a better factual understanding of the pharmaceutical sector’s reputation among the public worldwide. Most importantly, we wanted to find some clues as to what companies should do to improve this relationship for the benefit of the sector and society.

This study was originally completed for publishing in early 2020 prior to the major outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. We then extended the duration of the study to better understand how the pandemic is affecting the reputation of the sector –and what kind of future it is shaping. What we found not only reinforced our conclusions, butrevealed a rare moment of opportunity for the sector and its reputation.

This report includes the results of more than 13,000 interviews conducted across 17 different countries (China, Brazil, USA, Canada, Russia and 12 European markets), based on an analysis of over 47,000 evaluations of 67 pharmaceutical companies in total. We hope you enjoy the report and find its findings informative and useful.

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